The response time is extremely fast and transparency level can be changed at instantly.

The response time from translucent to clear is approx.1/1000 sec. and from clear tom translucent can be achieved in approx.1/100 sec. The speed of this response time will enlarge the UMU's application range and will bring many other application possible.

Suppliable up to approx. 900`2400mm.

By the development of liquid crystal sheet, it is now possible to use switchable light control UMU as ordinary glass by having large size capability up to 900`2400mm. This is one of the reasons why many applications in displays and architectural field can be considered.

Low power consumption, economy from its running cost.

The electrical power required to operate switchable light control is only 3.5W/u. It is an incredible economy from what can be obtained. And no special maintenance is necessary and no large burden can be expect on the running cost.

Laminated glass composition can provide safety.

The composition is a laminated glass. The interlayer with strong adhesive strength firmly stick 2 pieces of glass. It is hard to be broken, and even if it breaks there is no danger of glass fragment to scatter.

Possible to relay with various sensors which will respond to electrical signals.

The switchable light control glass UMU operates with electrical signals. Therefore any kind phenomena can be utilized from response signals as long as it can be converted to electrical signals. Now the dreams come true in performance and architectural applications.